A rugby history of 43 years

For the 43th consecutive year, LONGWY USB RUGBY organises its challenge:

Scapoli challenge has been created in 1974 by Lucien Masson, fitness instructor in high school who became Alsace-Lorraine Rugby Comittee CTR.M. SCAPOLI, loved by all was our President and died a year before the challenge creation in 1973.

This challenge was aiming at inviting teams geographically distant, always for a long week-end and was allowing us to share valuable moments through rugby but also it was the opportunity for the guests to discover the history of our region as well as our heritage.
So teams like USAP, Colomiers, Clermont Ferrand and many others managed to tread upon our favorite playing field. This desire to share the « Ovalie » often went beyond the frontiers to welcome Spanish, Italian or Czechoslovakian teams without counting of course, the closest cross border regions.
Since then, Scapoli challenge has been moved to Pentecost week-end in order to adapt to the professionnal constraints of everyone.
For this 43th occasion and considering the new group reforms, it is now the one for -16 years which is concerned. As well, in this olympic preparation timing, this is the 7 people game which has been retained for this year.
Our intention is to give you the opportunity to have your U16 team to participate to this high quality tournament in a friendly atmosphere, to share with you our common values Rugby conveys and which link us all (players, referees, volunteers) as a giving of yourself, solidarity, bravory and friendship which are the entrenched values in our region thanks to its history.

To All, Longwy USBL Rugby would like to convey its sportive greetings.